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Bird Images



Verreaux Sifaka Propithecus  verreauxi  D9577
© Clifford B. Frith

The order, taxonomy and nomenclature used herein for mammals will follow those of the eight volumes of the Handbook of the Mammals of the World published by Lynx Edicions, Barcelona. To date the nomenclature is only available for the first three volumes (Carnivores, Hoofed Mammals and Primates). We will update our nomenclature as the subsequent five volumes (Sea Mammals, Marsupials, Rodents, Insectivores and Bats) are published. We provide here only some examples of  mammals species photographed digitally that we have taken in recent years. However, we do have a larger selection of mammals previously photographed on colour transparency film.

As only a limited number of images can be included herein please email any specific requirements to and, if available, a portfolio of low-resolution images will be forwarded for your appraisal.

The low resolution JPEG image files herein are for reference viewing only and not for reproduction. High-resolution copyright (© C. B. Frith) images are captured with professional digital equipment and are entirely suitable for all editorial reproduction. Photographs presented are often but a sample of a larger portfolio of a species or a group held by us. In many cases the one species may have been photographed on more than a single continent and at several locations.

Digital images are available as TIFF files at @ 16 bit, Adobe RGB colour. File sizes range from 20 to 50 MB @ 300dpi. Other types of files may be supplied, as required.

No image may be used for or in any form of publication or print in any format or medium without prior consent and written permission and an agreement with regard to reproduction fees to be paid to the copyright holder (©  C.B. Frith).

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